Public Activity

Participant NGOs soldiers-internationalists:

  • Chernihiv City Organization of the Ukrainian  Afghan Veterans (Soldiers-Internationalists) Union;

  • Chernihiv regional organization USVA;

  • Kyiv City Organization USVA;

  • Kharkiv City Organization USVA.

As part of unions I am taking part in events organizing, helping brothers in arms, bereaved families.



Head of ukrainian public organization "Vojiny Dobra"

Constantly engaged in volunteer activities to assist ATO soldiers on the front line and after their return to civilian life:

  • Organizes the collection and delivery of food, clothing, automobiles, power supply equipment, medicines, dressing materials and first aid kits to the front. Helps to improve social and living conditions of the militarists. 

  • Concerns with upgrading existing military equipment and helping in its repair.

  • Helps to find of dead and missing ATO members, takes part in negotiations for the release of prisoners.

  • Assists in the rehabilitation of soldiers returning from the ATO.

  • Establishes international cooperation on assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

  • Helps with the organization of the project "Story for a warrior".


Carries out patriotic education of the population:


  • Contributes to replenishing the exposition of  Internationalist soldiers and ATO Museum in Kharkiv.
  • Arranges widespread events for youth and employees of large enterprises.
  • Conducts conversations with university students and pupils of secondary schools on patriotic themes.



Organizer of mass sport events, promoter of a healthy lifestyle

  • Arranges sports tournaments for children and adults;
  • Feasibly provides schools and schools of Yagotyn with sports inventory;
  • Is a member of the basketball sport club "Diduguns", Kharkiv and football club "Three +", Chernigov.
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