The experience of scientific research is 13 years. The sphere of scientific interests is the historical sciences (in particular, the history of Ukraine, the history of science and technology), philosophy, and technical sciences.

Ph.D. in Philosophy since 2008. The thesis is defended in 2008 by specialty 09.00.03 - social philosophy and philosophy of history.

Doctor of Historical Sciences from 2016. The thesis is defended in specialty 07.00.07 - history of science and technology. Topic of the dissertation: "Development of tractor construction in Ukraine in the context of world progress (1920 - 1980s)". Scientific consultant - Professor of the Department of Quantum Macrophysics at Dnipropetrovsk National University named after Olesya Gonchara, Doctor of Historical Sciences Savchuk Varfolomey Stepanovich.

Working for a long time as associate professor of the department of automobile and tractor building of NTU "KhPI". Since 2014 - Senior Researcher in the field of Automobile and Tractors. Professor since October 2022. Taking an active part in the development of technical proposals for the design and management of work processes of machine-tractor units and road transport in order to significantly increase the efficiency of operation on the criterion of reducing unit costs per unit of output.

Author of more than 100 scientific publications, including two monographs.

I have patents for inventions and utility models: №114630 dated March 10, 2017 "Remote control system for means of low caliber antiaircraft artillery", №123037 dated February 12, 2018 "Remote control system for small arms and artillery weapons", №124561 dated April 10, 2018 "The method of assembling the aircraft panel", №124562 from April 10, 2018 "Automated booth for assembly of the panel an aircraft ".