1. Collecting:
  • Numismatics: I have a large  coin collection of various states and historical periods, which I began to collect at school age;
  • Faleristics: I collect badges and commemorative medals devoted to the topic of tractor construction; on the basis of this collection, the book "Tractory: History and Faleristics" was published;
  • philately: collectible postage stamps with tractors and agricultural implements, published two books devoted to this collection;
  • Filumeniya: I have recently collected a box of matches on the topics of domestic tractor construction, some of them included in the book "Soviet tractors on stamps";
  • Bonistics: in my collection there are banknotes with images of tractors that were donated by friends and acquaintances.


  1. Tourism and recreation:
  • Diving: Qualified Three Star Diver, Instructor with CMAS Certificate, I have extensive experience of diving in open water, at night, I studied the wonders of the Red and Black Seas, taught my daughter to diving;
  • Fishing: experienced fisherman, since childhood I have been catching on the lake Supiy in Yagotin, I like to fish in lakes, rivers and seas; I love any fish;
  • Tourism: I travel a lot with my family, visited more than 25 countries of the world, I prefer active hiking and walking, including waterfalls and mountains.


  1. Sports (football, basketball, volleyball and others):
  • I am actively and professionally engaged in sports since my childhood. At the school I played for the football teams of the city of Yagotin, the district and the Kyiv region, was involved in the children's team of the Ukrainian SSR. During my service at the DRA, I promoted sports and entered the national team of volleyball.
  • Conducted and participated in sports events of the enterprises where I worked. Teams at competitions often took prize places.
  • Now I am a member of the Kharkiv basketball club "DiduGuns", I constantly train and support my physical form.


  1. History of native land:
  • I am interested in the history of Chernihiv, Kyiv, Kharkiv and other regions of Ukraine, studying local archives, collecting interesting things about the traditions and everyday life of Ukrainians.


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