General Director of OJSC "Kharkiv Tractor Plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze", Kharkiv, 2005 - 2006

Achievements and implemented projects:

  • the enterprise was withdrawn from the crisis situation by restructuring, restoration and adjustment of production;
  • the organizational structure of OJSC KhTZ changed, which improved the balance of labor and management structure, optimized the number of employees;
  • Organized development and introduction into production of a new model of tractor ХТЗ - 17222 with the raised consumer qualities;
  • the design and installation of the autonomous heating system of the industrial and household premises of the plant was carried out;
  • the system of circulating water supply of the metallurgical production of the plant was introduced.


President of OJSC "Kharkiv Tractor Plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze ", Kharkov, 2006. - March 2007.

Implemented projects:

  • settlement of the debt of OJSC "KhTZ" on a loan from the Federal Republic of Germany, received under the guarantee of the Government;
  • ensuring the receipt of budget funds in accordance with the state support programs for producers of agricultural machinery and agro-industrial complex;
  • the transfer of communal ownership of social structures to the city;
  • optimization of the mobilization capacities of the enterprise in accordance with the state needs.

Professional Experience

Кривоконь О.Г. на ВАТ "ХТЗ"