Director of reengineering of the production of "Mining Machines" (2013 - Corum Group), March 2012 - December 2014


Implemented projects:

  • development and implementation of the production strategy of the holding company NVK "Mining Machines";
  • designing and preparatory work for the launch of a joint high speed trains manufacturing plant with Hyundai Rotem;
  • concentration of production at PJSC "Druzhkivsky Machine-Building Plant", JSC "Gorlovsky, machine-builder", PJSC "Donetsk Power Plant", PJSC "Donetskgirmash";
  • organization of reengineering of repair manufactures of PJSC "Druzhkivsky machine-building plant", JSC "Gorlovsky machine-builder";
  • increase of capacity at JSC "Horlivsky machine-builder" and others.








Professional Experience

Кривоконь О.Г. з представником Hyundai Rotem