General Director of Kharkiv State Aviation Production Enterprise, Kharkiv, February-August 2018

Projects completed:

  • optimization of the organization and implementation of major repairs and maintenance of airplanes;
  • a portfolio of orders for spare parts and services has been formed;
  • inventory at the enterprise;
  • the plan of measures for preparation of the enterprise for restoration of production is developed;
  • wage payment started;
  • market research of the world market of airplanes and prospects of development of domestic aircraft building;
  • A certificate of approval of KDAVP as an organization of the developer in accordance with the APU-21 (Part-21), Section A, Chapter J (April 20, 2017) and the certificate of the developer and manufacturer of aviation equipment on the plane Khaz-30 (20.04.2017) etc. have been obtained.







Professional Experience

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